Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to get the most out of your ASCA Student Membership!

Hello friends!!

With august coming up, the summer is starting to wind down for many of us. This has been a fun summer for me, but I am very excited to start my middle school internship this fall :) This is another post that I have decided to do for the many school counseling graduate students out there!

Today I wanted to discuss an AMAZING counseling resource...American School Counselor Association membership! So many things come with this membership, and I am so glad that I joined :) I have highlighted some benefits of the membership and how to get the most out of this resource during graduate school:

1. You get discounted membership: Right now, it is only $69 for students, which I am taking advantage of while I can. Once you are a professional, the price goes up to about $129. I will continue to be an ASCA member because it is such a wonderful website and resource :)

Displaying photo.JPG2. ASCA School Counselor Magazine: I love this magazine, and it is one of my favorite things to see when I check my mailbox every month! This magazine is great because I can read articles on so many different aspects of school counseling programs.

3. Do your research: On the ASCA website, you can view school counseling licensure requirements for each state, which can really come in handy when applying for jobs! You can also look at the Professional School Counseling Journal for great journal articles.

4. Resources, resources, and more resources: The ASCA membership comes with so many resources that cater to various topics. The ASCA resource center covers multiple topics including LGBTQ, Substance Abuse, Divorce, Character Education, Dropout Prevention, and much much more! The website provides articles, websites, lesson plans and other resources for each topic!

I hope you found this post to be helpful! You can click HERE to view the full list of ASCA membership benefits, but I wanted to highlight a few in this post!

Enjoy the rest of your summer & have a great school year!


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