Counseling Must Haves

On this page, I have included many of my favorite things! Many of these are things that I keep in my My Internship Kit that you can read about by clicking HERE. What are some of your counseling must haves and favorite things? Feel free to e-mail me (, facebook, or commenting here on this page! I am always looking for new items to include in my Internship Bag!

Clipboard: I love having this! Outdoor Observations, taking notes while standing, or clipping small sheets together, this can serve many purposes. It can also be a great place to hold your communication log or to-do list! I purchased this at target for about $4.00.

Counseling Resource Books: Although I have many counseling books and resources (Check my my Counseling Library page to see my list), I like to have a few go-to resources with me that I can refer to if need be. Being in the middle school this upcoming year, these books are amazing. The first one is Grab Bag Guidance by Becky Kirby, and Ways to Amaze and Engage Middle School Students, by the same author. These books are great because they include so many quick & easy activities catering to various topics. They are both available on Paperbacks for Educators with FREE shipping over $25, and both of these are about $30 each!

Art & Coloring Supplies: These are a must! I love to have these on hand (Especially when working with the little ones). Back to School sales are the best time to shop for these items. Walmart will have 24-pack crayola crayons for about 50 cents! :) There are so many activities that you can do with students using these items, and you will definitely get your money's worth!

Blank Paper: The opportunities are endless with both paper and coloring supplies! :) Check out my blog post on Counseling Activities using only Paper and Writing Utensils. I have highlighted a few things that you can do! :)

Tissues: I got this idea from School Counselor Blog, and I agree with this! I plan to have this in my kit, and a travel size pack fits right in the outside pockets! School Counselor blog has a great page on the "School Counselor Survival Kit that you can check out HERE.

Dice: Dice can be great for a group icebreaker, individual session, or classroom session! You can come up with a set of questions, and have each question correspond to a number on the dice. I also purchased foam dice from the dollar store, and I cut index cards and taped them around the large foam die. The students can take turns rolling the die and answering the questions.

Index Cards: In addition to attaching them to die, you can also use them in group sessions. In a self-esteem group, students can write positive words to describe themselves on cards. For any group, you can write conversation starters or have the students come up with questions to spark a conversation!

Thumball: This is a great icebreaker that I have! It is super small, so it fits in my internship bag perfectly! The students pass it around, complete the statement, and pass it to someone else! Super easy and a quick and easy icebreaker to bring to group :) I purchased this for about $10 on amazon.

Also...I love my Thirty One Super Organizing Tote (About $30)! It has plenty of space for my counseling items :)

I would love to hear from you!! What are some of your internship/school counselor must haves? Feel free to leave comments below! Also, feel free to check out my post on Turning Dollar Store Finds into Counseling Treasures! I highlighted a few inexpensive things that you can use in sessions :)

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