Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bulletin Boards: A Blast from the past!

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I hope that you all are enjoying the weekend!! I sure am :) I was actually going through some pics of old bulletin boards that I've done...and decided to share them with you all! :) During my undergrad, I worked as an RPM-Resident Peer Mentor in my residence hall (we were available to assist students with academic support and worked alongside the RA's) which I loved!! My bulletin boards catered to academic and college information! Since these boards were posted in for college students, but I have also included ways to adapt these to different age levels.. I apologize that my pictures aren't clear..they were taken from a distance and many are somewhat blurry..but the titles are clear enough to read and I have included descriptions:

Bulletin Board Title: College Life

For this board, I included a path to inform students on what they can be doing during each year of their college path-the road to their future career. I have included a start and finish to the path, and tips for students for each year For example, during freshman year students can work to learn and get familiar with the campus, and getting involved. If they are unsure of a major, they can take a few classes on things that interest them, and see if a future career can spark from that. Also, deciding if they want to look for a career after graduation or continue their education are things to think about during junior year. This board can be applied to High School Students by listing things to do during each year of high school as they prepare for college/career!Or even at the middle school level on what they can do to prepare for high school life! This is byfar one of my favorite boards from undergrad :) In the cut-out suns, I included tips on how they can be productive over the summer (internship opportunities, prepare and take exams if they need to)

Bulletin Board Title: Get Schooled! On Grad School
I created this board when I was a senior in undergrad, and taking the next step to move on to graduate school. I included information on what master's programs are offered at the school where I attended for undergrad (if they wish to stay) tests they may need to take, etc. This is a great theme for a college information board and even including financial aid information, SAT/ACT information, etc I included a link and QR code for students to access the Petersons online college guide which you can find here. Including career options is an awesome idea too! Getting students college and career ready!

 Bulletin Board Title: The Sweet Taste of Success
I created this as a candy/valentine's day theme board! I have included all sorts of yummy treats, and successful academic study tips for students! I included this board to have assist students with academic success!! I love this one because the theme can be adapted to many age levels!

 Bulletin Board Titles: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back & Treat Yourself
I decided to group these two together since they are based on the same topic. These boards discuss rewarding yourself and taking a break after a job well done! For the "Pat on the back" board, I included paper hands as the border and ways to reward yourself. The "Treat Yourself" board includes ways to reward yourself and to take time to relax and each cookie/cupcake. This board is great for students and staff as well. With staff, it can provide tips to help prevent burnout for teachers, counselors and all members of the school!!

This was alot of fun taking a walk down memory lane on the bulletin boards that I created :) I hope that these  ideas will be useful to you in the future! What bulletin board ideas have you used in your schools? Did any of your bulletin boards reflect school-wide themes? I would love to hear them!

I hope that everyone enjoys their upcoming week!

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