Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kindle Fire for Counseling and spring freebie week!

Hello all!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the weekend! Spring break has begun for me and I am excited to rest and relax! :) With this rest and relaxation time, I will be starting my Spring Freebie Week tomorrow through friday with 5 freebies! I have decided to reveal the surprise freebies today! They can be downloaded in my TeachersPayTeachers store!- Click on the widget on the right to access my store :)

Monday: Blank 12-month calendar: Perfect for planning your cirriculum, classroom guidance lessons, small groups, meetings and more!
Tuesday: Small Group Debreifing Chart- Great way to plan small groups with group name, session, activity, and space to include how the activity went!
Wednesday: "I am unique!" Self-Esteem Activity
Thursday: Ice Breaker Activity
Friday: Quote printable: Great to frame and place in the counseling office!

Last fall, as a birthday gift to myself I purchased the 7" Kindle Fire HD (only about $139 on amazon!) I love it because it has web, apps, and books as well. With technology in counseling becoming more popular, I have decided to find ways to use this in counseling as well. The Kindle Fire has many different apps from the iPad since it is an andrioid device, and I have listed some pretty awesome ones that I have come across:
  • My Binder: The "My Binder" app is FREE, and you can store anything notes that you would like! (Be careful what notes you store in case you lose it). You can store & name up to 4 binders, with 5 tabs each! You can organize many things on here. For example, I have created a binder for small group ideas for specific grade levels and topics! I love that I can write and organize ideas in a paperless way! 
  • Super Duper Publications: Super Duper Publications has many apps that are $1.99 each. These include the "How would you feel if..." , "What would you do at school if..." with particular situations, and students can discuss what they would do or how they would feel :) This can work for group lessons on empathy and/or social skills. You can also choose which scenarios that you can use for each activity! 
  • Dr. Suess Books: Dr. Suess books are some of my favorites, and many work great for counseling! "Oh, the places you'll go!", "The Sneetches and other stories", "Oh the thinks you can think!"are pretty amazing! Each are $3.99 and can be downloaded instantly and right at your fingertips (literally, lol)! 
  • "Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the courage to be who you are" by Maria Dismondy: I found this on the Kindle Fire for $1.99 download! I am so excited for this. This can be great a book for individuals and small groups on bullying, and "being yourself"! 
  • Finger Paint FREE: This app is great for working with individuals...You can have the students draw freely about something or having them draw what makes them happy, angry, etc. The opportunities are endless with this one! 
  • Sesame Street Divorce: Another FREE app! It is also a great one for helping those little ones cope with divorce in their family. It has coloring, question, and great stuff for parents too! 
  • Sesame Street "The Big Moving Adventure: This app is also FREE, and good for helping the little ones with moving and adjusting to being in a new place :) Great for little ones (K-1) 
For the 7" Kindle Fire HD, the screen is perfect or individuals and groups, I wouldn't recommend it for large classroom guidance lessons. There is an an 8.9" kindle that costs a little more :) But I hope that those with a Kindle Fire have found this post useful.

I hope that everyone enjoys their week! For those of you on spring break, enjoy your week off!

Until next time...


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