Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spreading Kindness...

Hello all,

This post will be short and's super late and I'm waking up super early in the morning (haha).

Well, first of all I would love to say......HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I've had a fantastic holiday and break, and some much needed relaxation time, and I hope yours was fantastic also!...But I have also created a few new products during the break, During the ring in 2015 sale, I purchased a few excellent products that I plan to use very soon!

I wanted to briefly discuss spreading kindness in this post. Kindness is an amazing gift to offer others, and the holidays gave me an opportunity to do just that :) I love the idea of Rachel's Challenge and how kindness is a chain reaction and can spread from one person to another. Rachel's Challenge is a great program that I hope to implement into my school building someday.

During the break, I have added 2 new products to my TeachersPayTeachers store:

I've created a Kindness Activity Pack titled "Spread Kindness" and it includes a cute PB&J bread theme. It includes a kindness tracker sheet, bulletin board materials, kindness conversation cards, S.P.R.E.A.D Kindness acronym poster, and 2 kindness worksheets, and printables to create a kindness memory book! You can purchase this item by clicking HERE.

I also have created a hygeine pack focused on handwashing and brushing teeth. This product is titled "Touchdown to good hygiene" with a super cute football theme. This pack includes a teeth poem, handwashing steps, good hygiene/poor hygiene matching card game, and a good hygiene game plan worksheet. You can also purchase this one by clicking HERE.

What programs or activities do you have in your building for encouraging and spreading kindness? I would love to hear them!

Until Next Time,

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