Monday, December 29, 2014

A sale to start the New Year!!

Hello Counselors,

I hope that you all are enjoying your holiday break!! I sure am :) To ring in 2015, a few School Counselor TpT sellers (including myself) are having a 15% off sale starting on Dec 31st!!

This image was created by Leah from "School Counseling is Magical"- and it looks awesome!!! 

You can save 15% at the Following School Counselor TpT stores- You can click on the name below to check out their awesome products!!

School Counseling is Magical
Counselor Corner
Carol Miller and The Middle School Counselor Blog
Mental Phil's
School Counseling Files
Cheerful Counseling (that's me!, lol!)

This is a great time to get some awesome new products to use as we all return to work after break!!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and enjoy the rest of your break :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Break Self-Care

Hello all! :)

It's been awhile since I've blogged, and I'm happy to be back on here :) With holiday break coming up for many of us, it is important that we take this time to RELAX! I have included a few tips below on practicing self-care during the break!  These can even be applied to other school breaks during the year (summer, spring break, etc.)

Find your "long lost hobby": Many of us have hobbies that we used to do...and things just kind of got busy. The holiday break is great time to pick up those lost hobbies or even discover a new one! Even when break is over, this can be a great way to practice self-care during your free time! For example, I plan to take some time over holiday break to experiment with new recipes and practice using my crock pot :) You can also pick up an old hobby that you don't always have time for. Whether it's finishing an old book, crafting, or jogging...find something that works for you, makes you happy, and relieves stress! Also, engaging in non-counseling related activities can help in practicing self care.

Treat Yourself: You've worked hard this year, so taking some time to reward yourself can be a good thing! It can be something small..or big! Whatever you choose, be sure to take some time for YOU! Treat deserve it! :) This can something that you don't normally get a chance to do with your busy schedule. You can buy yourself something nice, cook a nice dinner...or stop by redbox to get your favorite movie to watch a home! :) these are examples...but a treat can be a nice way to reward yourself for the hard work during the year!

Declutter: This can mean a variety of things...but taking time to declutter and clear your head can be self care in itself! By cleaning out the garage, your car, or other areas around the can help in releiving stress and helping you "breathe easy", Engaging in decluttering can help make your daily routine easier when you return back to work!

Celebrate: Getting into the holiday spirit and engaging in holiday activities can help in taking care of yourself. Taking time to focus on other things can help in keeping the focus off work (for a little while) and enjoying your break. School Counseling is an awesome job, but it is also a good idea to take time for you, celebrate, and practice self-care! In addition, devoting some of your time to helping others through volunteering (or donating) can be a great idea during the holiday season!

I hope that you've enjoyed these tips...I tailored these to fit holiday and summer break, but feel free to check out my other self-care blog post by clicking HERE.

Also, be on the lookout for new TpT products in the next few weeks or so....I have some new things coming out soon!

Until Next Time,


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