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Hi Everyone!! 

Welcome to my "Cheerful Counseling" blog! My name is Nicole, and I am currently pursuing an M.Ed in School Counseling. My head is full of  ideas, and I have decided to create this blog to share them with everyone! :) I graduate in May, and I am so eager to graduate and being my future career as a School Counselor! My goal is to share counseling tips, resources and ideas for both practicing and future counselors! 

How did I come up with the name for my blog? Well, those who know me would say that I am mighty CHEERFUL.. then the name "Cheerful Counseling" came to life :) My other hobbies consist of being crafty, cooking new recipes, and spending quality time with others! 

I am so happy to blog as well as read other counseling blogs to learn and collaborate with others. I am also on...
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  • E-mail: Cheerfulcounseling@yahoo.com 
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