Sunday, June 1, 2014

Small Group Counseling :)

Hi Everyone,

Is everyone excited for summer yet? I am excited that the semester is over, and that has given me time to blog and create new ideas!!
In this post, I wanted to talk about counseling in small groups :) I personally love all things counseling, but I want to briefly discuss small groups. I love the idea of small groups and how students learning and hearing from one another is quite therapeutic. In my graduate coursework, I took a group work class and I fell in love with counseling small groups even more! In my practicum, I had experiences running small groups, and I absolutely loved counseling students in the form of a group lesson. Most of all, it is like having a group chat,  in such a fun way! I think that, small groups are great to have in schools, and also helps students learn from others and interact!
Lately, I have been creating a few activity packs for my TeachersPayTeachers Store, which are perfect for running small groups and individual sessions also. One is my Anger Management Pack that includes 5 activities to help students manage their anger :) The next pack that I recently created is my Girls Group Activity Pack that you can purchase!! My Girls Group Pack includes activities that pertain to topics including popularity, friendship, cyberbullying, gossip/rumors, self-esteem, and relating to others :) Third, I also have posted my Success Skills Activity Pack that focuses on goal setting, being a good student, test taking, organization skills, setting priorities, and keeping track of assignments :)

 In my spare time, I have also been up to creating my internship planner for next year which I will share in an upcoming blog post. On the other hand, my personal planner is complete which brings me to my Cheerful Counseling Crafty Moment :) I will begin to do an occassional "crafty moment" in my blog post, where I post a creative DIY idea!! For this post, it is my DIY Personal Planner, which can be for work or for organizing your personal life and School Counseling Program!!
I used some printables from etsy, but I created all of the printables that you see here....Be on the lookout for more crafty moments and my DIY Planner Post coming next month!! 

Do you also love small groups? If so, what awesome ideas have you done that have worked well? I would love to hear them!! 

Summer is right around the corner fellow counselors!!

~Nicole :)


  1. Small groups are great to get students who are a bit shy to express themselves. Thanks for the great post.


    Owner at Resources 4 Teaching Inc. Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers

    1. Thanks Martin!! I agree completely :) Thanks for stopping by!!


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